1. Anyone is able to enter more than one category, but each entry must be complete in its own right as there will be no cross referencing.

2. All entrants must have been trading for at least 12 months prior to the Awards Ceremony at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Thursday November 21 2019, and must still be actively trading on that evening.

3. There is no entrance fee.

4. Entrants must commit to attending the Awards Ceremony.

5. All entrants hereby give permission for their entry details to be used for marketing in a manner deemed suitable by National LIS Awards.

6. All external references, including testimonials may be verified by National LIS Awards.



Judges will score entries for entered category based on the following judging criteria:

1. Appropriateness for the category

2. Quality and understandability of submission

3. Originality, Creativity & Intent

4. Functionality & Technical Qualities (how well does it work?)

5. Ease of Use & Adoption (impact on end-user experience)

6. Game-changer (potential impact in category and industry)

7. Implementation & Performance (go-to-market strategy and entries with track record will be rewarded)

8. Sustainability & Potential for Growth (sound business model and market opportunity)

A nine-point scale will be used where 1 = Exceptionally Poor (the lowest score), 2 = Poor, 3 = Weak, 4 = Low-Average, 5 = Average, 6 = High-Average, 7 = Strong / Good, 8 = Excellent, 9 = Exceptionally excellent (the highest score)



Judges will also take particular notice of the answers to the entry form:

• Appropriateness of the Twitter style summary

• Marks for key achievements

• Marks for Major achievement

• Appropriateness of evidence.



Scores will be averaged together to determine each entry’s overall score. The entry with the highest score per category is the Category Winner. Some judges may abstain from a category if they believe there is a conflict of interest or for any other reason. In which case, some categories may have more scores than others. In any case, the score overall score will be averaged.



• Entries will open on 12th July 2019 and close on the 14th September

• Entrants may take place in any category – the categories will not be cross checked

• Entries can be online or by a paper vote

• All email addresses will be verified for authenticity.  A vote will be disqualified if it is not possible to verify an address

• The decision of its nominated judges is final

• National LIS Awards reserve the right to:-

• Move an Entrant to a more suitable category should it be deemed appropriate

• Remove inappropriate Entries



1. Best landlord service provider:  A company or individual who provided a special, or unusual service

2. Best Innovation: An example of an innovation that has helped the Private Rented Sector (PRS)

3. Best Buy to Let Provider: A provider that stands out from the norm

4. Best Letting Agent: An agent going that extra mile

5. On-line agent: An innovative agent giving good service

6. Crowd funding: Raising funds in an entrepreneurial manner 

7. Best HMO landlord: giving individual service